The Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai will meet at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday August 20th.

Our program for August 20th will be a Live and Silent Auction. We have invited several clubs from the surrounding area as well as a vendor from Atascadero, and we hope we will have a great turnout. This is a perfect opportunity to decrease your current bonsai inventory by selling, as well as to pick up that one special bonsai that will make your collection complete.

For anyone wanting to sell bonsai and related items during this event, all we ask is that you return at least 20% of the purchase price to the club. The item must be related to bonsai. Tables, pots, scrolls, trees, and books, etc. are welcome.

At least five items will be selected for the Live Auction. This usually gets an enthusiastic response and items often sell for much more than the minimum bid established by the owner. In order for the item to make it into the Live Auction, it must be better than the average item that ends up on the Silent Auction tables.

After the Live Auction, we’ll move into the Silent Auction portion of the event. Items for sale will be placed on tables and potential buyers will be given an undisclosed amount of time to bid. If your bid is the last one or your pen is on the paper when the bell sounds (ending the sale for that table), you get the item. We typically have four or five tables for this part of the day. Once we go through a table, anything that did not sell can be placed on another table with a price reduction. Finally, after we’ve gone through all the tables, sellers will have one more opportunity to sell an item. What happens here is that people can write down an offer for a particular item and present it to the owner. If the owner accepts the offered price, a sale occurs. If the owner does not accept, the owner will just have to take the item back home.

Virtually all methods of payment are appropriate; cash, checks, and credit cards will be accepted.

This is always an exciting event and since we’ve expanded our list of invitees, we hope that the excitement increases. Refreshments will be provided.

For more information, please contact Ed Lambing at 831-469-0688 or via email at edinbonnydoon@comcast.net.