Live & Silent Auctions

This meeting is our typical Holiday Brunch which will include Live and Silent Auctions. This is an incredible way to either add to or decrease the number of trees that you have in your bonsai collection. All are invited to sell as well as purchase trees and bonsai related items!

Bonsai Esthetics

Well known bonsai enthusiast and artist Jonas Dupuich will be providing the program for this meeting. He will explain the basics of bonsai for newer members as well as provide interesting information for more seasoned members. This promises to be a, well worth your time, special gathering.

Bonsai Styling

Mehrdad Chavosh, a well known bonsai artist, will demonstrate for us and place the windswept style creation into the raffle once he is finished.





The Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai will meet at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday October 15th at the Live Oak Grange Hall, 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz.


We are pleased to announce that the demonstrator at the Saturday meeting announced above, is none other than well known bonsai artist,  Mehrdad Chavosh. He will be working on a juniper and styling it into a windswept shape, describing how to do this as well as why this is an appealing way to style your bonsai. This tree will be raffled off after Mehrdad has finished his demonstration.

There will be additional trees and bonsai related items in the raffle and all in attendance who buy raffle tickets are eligible to win items from off of  the raffle table. This is an event that happens during the vast majority of our regular Saturday meetings and is a good way to add to your bonsai collection or in the case of most of our club members, it’s a good way to thin out their collection by providing items for the raffle table.

For more information, please contact Ed Lambing at 831-469-0688 or via email at







August 20th Auctions

Live and Silent Auctions this month in the Live Oak Grange Hall are open to everyone, especially other local bonsai clubs who are invited to buy and sell during this meeting. Hall is located at 1900 17th Ave. Santa Cruz.

General Meeting for July 16th

Mr. Katsumi Kinoshita will be our guest demonstrator this month. His demo will start at 10:30 a.m. in the Live Oak Grange Hall, 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz

June is Garden Tour Month

We will be touring three gardens this month. They are all located in the Santa Cruz, Aptos area and all belong to SCBK members. If interested, contact Ed Lambing at or call 831-469-0688. Tour starts at 9:00 a.m. and will end with a potluck brunch at the last garden visited.

May’s Program

SCBK member Don White will be demonstrating how to take a nursery stock azalea and turn it into a beautiful bonsai. Don has been doing this for many years and this promises to be something special.

Saturday General Meeting

April’s instructor is Jonas Dupuich. He will focus on bonsai basics for individuals who bought trees at our April show. This  discussion regards how to care for trees in the first few years. Current members; the discussion includes info that will invigorate & recreate feelings you had when you were first introduced to bonsai.